Monday, August 31, 2009

Accidents Happen

My dad always says that when you're on the road and driving, you need to have two eyes in the back and two in the sides of your head apart from the pair you already have. No one has that many eyes nor is it possible to have that many but what Dad means is to keep your eyes and ears open and not be distracted while driving.

So it was no surprise on Saturday night that a motorbike rammed into my friend's husband's car.

Her husband was out of the city and so she'd asked me to stay the night with her because she didn't want to stay alone. Since she can't drive very well, I was the driver for the night and for Sunday.

Even though it was the fault of the motorcyclist but I have to admit that I was distracted and disturbed. I was only saved serious injury because of the way I was parked. If the motorbike had rammed into the door then I would have been in the hospital. The angle of parking also helped keep the motorbike driver out of the hospital though he was coming at a very high speed.

He had scratches and I'm sure his body must have ached badly once the adrenaline cooled because that's what happened to me too. A policeman came and asked me to forgive the person. He must have been 23 or so and looked so miserable and I knew he'd be too poor to pay for the damages or anything.

On top of that my friend was in a shock as her husband would be mad at her. I had the car fixed. We sat waiting in it while the guys fixed the dents and the broken light. Obviously, the job wasn't good. We got home at 1 am (a very late time for both of us). I couldn't sleep for many hours due to the pain. It was both psychological and physical. I was feeling bad that I had been distracted and didn't look properly at the road. I could have killed the poor guy. I don't care what happens to me but the thought of hurting someone like that is a terrible one.

In the morning I was experiencing the effects of mild whiplash. My arm is still hurting. I didn't tell my friend because I didn't want to worry her any further. Yesterday before going back to my place, we went to pick her husband from the bus station. When we reached my place, he went around the car to see if something was wrong.

It was one of the most embarrassing moments of my life and I haven't had that many I guess. He was suspicious and I felt so bad lying that nothing had happened. Knowing that he'd proverbially kill his wife made me feel less guilty about us lying to him but still.

When I talked to my mom yesterday, she kept asking if every thing's okay but if I tell her she'll not only get worried but then I'll have another issue to handle. Why did that happen? Was I distracted? What was I thinking? What's wrong with me? Why am I always lost? I can't answer these questions. I do know that I am definitely not driving anyone's car again. I can't take these risks with other people's life even if it's not my mistake.

God forbid if something happens, nothing will be left and I will only have myself to blame. So there goes another thing from my life. I can say this shamelessly that I'm feeling very sorry for myself and thus wasting my time rambling on the internet instead of working.


Ana Tapadas said...

Acidentes acontecem mesmo. Acabo de sofrer uma terrível queda de costas, pois o meu cão correu sobre mim.

Mitch said...

Glad you (and all involved) are alright!!!!! You probably shouldn't have tried to hide anything from the husband. But even so, if he knew, he would likely just be happy that you two suffered no major injuries.

chris osbaldeston said...

An interesting blog I came across whilst browsing the net to learn more about Cuneo, and was then intrigued by your take on life.

Chris (Oz)

Anonymous said...

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Ana Tapadas said...

Quando regressa?


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Unknown said...

I know this seems random. I don't know you. I'm a Christian girl in the USA. Last night, I was worshipping the Lord, and he gave me the name "the nameless faceless girl". I had no idea what that meant but he told me to look it up online. So I did and your blog is what I found. The weirdest part of it is he told me you were planning to kill yourself. I prayed for you and after a few minutes of prayer felt peace that you were no longer in harm's way and that you were gonna be okay. Are you okay?