Thursday, August 07, 2008

Catching a loneliness

To find that you are alone in that place
Where everyone is and yet
You find no one there
You search
You look
Inward and outward
You run and make
sudden turning movements
to catch that loneliness
and put it in its place.

06 Aug. 08

Badar's Wings are Her Legs

As she opens them up to get

‘what she wants’

Badar flies on magical wings

That’s what the good man told her

That’s what they say

06 Aug. 08

I Wish I Were a Man

I Wish I Were a Man

I wish I were a man
walk naked at will
without fear or remorse
when the heat wave hits.
Let my navel show full of wool
Be admired for my many smells
Oh manly smells.
What is so great to be a woman?
When I have so much to change:
Remove moustache;
Pluck eyebrows;
Wax legs and armpits;
Shave pubes;
Put on lipstick because my
Lips are not red enough.
Hide one silly scar with cakey creams;
Why, when you’ve seen more men
With craters like Yucat√°n?
I wish I didn’t have to care
If my belly didn’t fit.
So I broke my tooth
And now I’m not fit for your sacrifice?
Have you never seen men
With their jaws hanging out?
So I wish I were a woman who is a man
Better than to be a sacrificial lamb
Being checked for flaws
Better to be a man
With a fat belly
And stinking breath
Then the most beautiful woman
In the world
Because you’re still a sacrificial lamb
You’re still missing a tooth
You lost in the first loss of blood.
Did it not hurt when they
Told you had a fat neck
How good did it feel
When they said you
Were an inch too short?
Good to kill then be killed
Better to paw
Then be pawed
Better to look ugly
Yet still be man
Than to be the only reason
For going to a heaven far away.
Better to wish to be a man
Then to really be a woman.