Friday, September 17, 2004

The Great Stampede

The Great Stampede
A Continuous Dirge of A Lament

We are sorry to inform you

of the death of your son's feelings

in a rush of other people's emotions,


these feelings were

sent to the ER

we tried to revive them but no

they had died on the way

In no morning paper

will this story appear

of a boy's death of feelings

the blatant murder being


upon the deluge of

other people's emotions

No one will read and sigh

or cry

No one will attribute it to al Qaeda

or the Basque separatists

or the IRA or the Red Army

or the Chechens

or the Militants

or one Ariel Sharon

neither to Bush

nor Saddam Hussein

nor Mother Russia

Who will take the blame

for the murder of youth's

most innocent feelings

our parents, our elders

the society, this world?

or shall we say

All the feelings in desperation

and faced by inward frailty

committed suicide

Who will fight

our most private terrors?

Whom shall we call terrorists

for the murder

of our son's feelings?

Friday, September 17 2004

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