Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Nous y allions chaque jour

Inspired by Jean-Sébastien Monzani's series of the same name.

Nous y allions chaque jour

We went there everyday, and everyday was the same until that day when she went away...
While people would be home watching movies, we would go there everyday and watch the sun set in the West...
Sometimes our shadows have stood there like the piers at a dawn
Oh, it must have been a grey dawn that day, when she went away...
Remember those wisps of clouds as she slowly turned and walked away
And right before that, her downcast face, those brimming eyes, those trembling lips
I looked away, I looked away...
But in my heart, a hope still tarries,
That she might return and we might carry
But until that happens, I will remember how
We went there everyday...

Needs improvement, I guess but I love it as it is. Phew!

Dedicated to a very special person. You know whom you are

I wrote this for two very beautiful young people, who were a bit shy in expressing their feelings for each other.

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