Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I went to York at the beginning of this year and really loved it though I didn't enjoy the trip at that time because as usual I wasn't well and I was missing so many things and people.

If you've ever had the famous Yorkie bars, you know where York is and it's (relatively haha) new namesake New York as well.

Of course, they don't make the Yorkie bars here anymore. They're manufactured in Poland now.

A View from the Top of the Gothic Cathedral

Going up the Towers of the Cathedral

A Fine Example of Gothic Architecture

Beautiful Arches

Old Gate & Tower, part of the City's Old Wall

Rest a While

Little Shambles, the Famous Butcher's Street - the butcher's shops of course, are gone.

Another Old Church in the York City Centre

Steps Down to the Canal Walkway

The Famous Bridge to the City Centre

Down the Canal