Monday, July 05, 2004

Your Name Distresses Me Sometimes

This is one of those poem, after reading which, you start thinking about things. Certain things that you might otherwise not have wanted to think about. I guess Nasir Kazmi is the kind of poet who has always brought feelings and vague things into focus for me. The first time I read him was when I was 14. What's more interesting is that he gives that socialist touch in his poetry. The people's poet. Since, I don't know anything about the poet's life (there's not much literature available on that here in Peshawar... sigh!) and as I said in the last post, there isn't anyone I really know who'd know about these things. Living in Peshawar is not easy. It seems bereft of literary talent. *double sighs* There is Sir Taha Khan but how would I go meet him? That's another problem. Being a girl out here is a big problem. Nopes. Not a problem. It's a handicap. I'm far from the topic I started. So I was saying, to me Nasir Kazmi seems like a socialist or a communist (during his time, there were many socialist/communist poets and no I'm not confusing the two ideologies) because he used to write about the common man and his problems like life, economy, jobs etc. Anyway, I'll leave these thoughts incomplete for now. I need more information. I might be going to the Central Library in a few days. I'll see if I can find some information on him. Hope so!

Your Name Distresses Me Sometimes

Your name distresses me sometimes
And without a cause do I feel restless sometimes

Oh, heart! Who has this gift of anxiousness?
Only some get this comfort in life sometimes

With your blessings, oh pain of immaculate beauty
Has become the heart a resting place for friends sometimes

The vigor of madness in the tempest of sorrow
Has drowned your face in tears sometimes

A day when your proximity would not bring my heart content
Has gone by on me sometimes

Neither thought of you nor thoughts of mine
The night of parting has passed like that sometimes

Oh friend! Though long has it been since I quit love
I have felt your need sometimes

Nasir Kazmi

18th November 2003

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