Thursday, August 13, 2009

Birth of the Living Stone

I was dead
the day I was born.
Why was I born?
why all the pain?

This is no time to ask questions
This is where you cry.
Unwrapped from the holiest of wrappings
All I had on was
Placental remains and blood.
Go and clean her nurse
If you please will.

Why all the pain?
You almost died that day.
Why the anger now
Your love turned into hate.

I was born
Naked, and without a gun
Or I would've ended the misery.
That's to put it without pun
as you like it
So you like it.
It would've been me in the end.

Ignore? Ignored the pain
But deep down you liked it.
Ride it this time
Don't let them ride.


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