Thursday, August 06, 2009

The Wanderer

There must have been a hole in the sky
From where I fell
Because tears filled its mourning eyes.
Not coming to life until dawn
And then the never ending journey begun.
Once a full moon and then
A whole sunless course.

And yes, up there
That Master, the Great Puppeteer
Me dancing to His tune
A melancholy move
Chanting indiscernible notes
Moans and painful cries
Heard over a blue moon
Remind people of what lies behind.

The whole world moved to complete its eccentric turns
Wounded and vain, I walked without direction.
Alone I came to this world of mocking loneliness
And alone I went on this dreary road.
No one to cry over this writhing pain
And now not even that sky.

Where I walked, the earth became grey
It's supply bosom dried
The land weary under this pain
Twisted time and again,
Still carried my weight.

People stood and gazed for some moment
Seeing me burn in my rotten fate
Then again buried themselves in their mortal cage.
I dragged on with a shameful face
For making filthy, the heart of the mother
With unholy games
But it is her that brought me
To my restless wandering
And I even forgot when it had begun.

Lying naked on burning sand
Vultures circling above the head
This is me: the wanderer
A soul embodied in despair.

And now lying in the lap of the earth
With face to the sky
I wonder if ever this wandering will cease.

Waking up, find myself in another world
Coming to life in the darkest night.
Once a full moon and then
A whole sunless course.


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