Thursday, November 16, 2006

I will let it go...

I came to realize today that other than being a chronic asthmatic for life, I might be suffering from hearing and sight problems too. Received an email from our housing company respresentative pointing to some such problems with me when she writes that it has been denied (quite vehemently, I'm sure ) by the very decent and great people who DID NOT make any racist comments (I must be crazy to have alleged that against such angels) that they DID NOT make ANY comments.

On top of all that, a claim from one of these angels is that he's from Pakistan. I'm sure that since I'm wrong about so many things, he must be right. Afterall, it's me who has been proved wrong (and most probably a liar) so how can I be right?

I'm not going to be cynical about it anymore. What else can I do anyway? I don't have any proof except to trust my senses. I must be a lesser human being for I was not even called to see these angels face to face.

What shall I do now? I will let it go. There is no justice in this world. I will get over it, soon forget about it too but the angels who DID NOT do ANYTHING will always remember what they did.

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