Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Kidney for Sale!

So it's okay to sell my kidney now if I want to get something that I need.

It's not a thing that I ever thought of but thanks for giving me this great idea. Better use whatever I can before it becomes redundant.

Since I can sell a kidney and survive on one, nothing wrong with selling blood either. Too bad my blood does not benefit anyone because I'm sick but since it's not even dangerous, I think it should be okay.

Come to think of it, you can grow a liver with just a piece. So I guess, that's another thing I can sell: a piece of my liver.

Selling all this 'stuff' wouldn't put anyone in jeopardy. I think there will still be much left for my organ donation when I die.

Eyes, heart and God knows what else.

I suppose it's a win win situation if ever a person saw one. Thank you for this excellent idea. I salute your genius and kindness.

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