Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Epitaph

Every day you grow dearer and dearer to me
It's crazy!
You are going far away, every day.
Wherever you fly,
Take care of your heart.

How will we take care of this,
Bird of Spring,
My illness and your departure?

Over the blue mountains,
and above the Golden Tower
I search,
Second, third: sadness,
Thunder and rain.

How happily the candle of life burns in you!
How happily it shines.

I want to stop writing to tell you
The words I should say:
How I love you,
Endlessly, Wordlessly, Selflessly.

Oh God!
What will become of us, of you?

My jewel,
My flowers in spring,
My water in summer.

You are my daily light:
Moonlight, fire, dawn and dusk.
Firefly and all.

You are the Light of my eyes


1 comment:

Ana Tapadas said...

«Minha jóia,
Minhas flores na primavera,
Minha água no verão. »
Que belo poema, parabéns!