Thursday, July 30, 2009

I Will Marry a Tree

When I will find not a companion
Someone to lean on,
A shoulder to cry upon,
I shall marry a tree.

It will give me shelter;
The leaves will be my clothes.
In the summer,
It will keep me from the heat.
I shall drink its sap to quench my thirst.
In winter,
Its leave will cover me.
It will keep me safe from harm...
Its boughs shall be my house
And near the top,
When I shall sit
be able to see
Far and wide, the countryside
And the ocean too.
When I talk, it will listen to me
And patiently.
When I sleep, it will sing to me
The breeze's lullaby.
I will talk to it in whispers
The way it would talk to me.

When I am old and dying
I will come down and lay on the ground
I will sleep in its bed
And be a part of it.

And when I find that tree
I will certainly name it thee.


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