Tuesday, August 24, 2004

No Ordinary Morning

I came out on the terrace and I was watching the clouds as they unfurled from east to west. I watched the birds in their early morning flights, the swallows and the sparrows, flying in pairs. The crows cawing on the wires and in the trees making unnecessary din, the mynah singing and then flying away, who knows where?

I watched the clouds take different shapes as they drifted across the morning sky like stallions, like birds, like so many nice things. Like you and me. I saw mythical Japanese mountains form in the clouds. I could hear even the whisper of the wind it was so quiet. It was complete except for the hum of running water and You.

All this time the clouds were carried off towards the mountains and I was wishing and praying and begging God not to take the rain clouds away. I requested Him, “Please, let it rain”. I missed you in those moments when I talked to a God whom I cannot see, touch or hear but feel nonetheless. I watched where the sky was trying to make a connection with the earth through the clouds when the breeze became stronger and it’s whispers changed into idle talk.

Slowly, the world was filling up with other sounds, bus horns on the road to phase 6, vehicles, and construction workers starting to show up for work. A brand new morning and how I would have loved to bask in these sights and sounds with you.

Yes, to many people, it would always be the same, every morning same as ever. But when you wake up every morning, go out after saying your prayers, walk in the grass to feel the dew on your slipper clad feet, watch the sunrise or feel the rain on your face, it is different, feelings are never the same, every morning. If every sigh that the earth takes is in perfect rhythm with your breathing, every breeze that caresses you is different, every drop of rain, every rainfall itself, every sunrise and its beauty are different then how can each morning be same and ordinary? I was wishing you had been there with me then. I wouldn’t have needed to write any of this. Sometimes, silence speaks for itself.

I forgot the date. (:

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