Friday, August 27, 2004

The Self Righteous Idiot

Idiocy in itself is nothing to worry about other than that the idiot might hurt themselves or others by it if it gets out of hand.

It becomes a challenge and a worry though, when the idiot is self righteous. That idiot must be pitied but if you try to suggest that they abstain from self righteousness for the sole purpose that being an idiot takes the righteousness right out of it, you'll only find yourself flooded with rhetoric about, you guessed it, righteousness.

Idiots never practice righteousness over themselves but others are their targets. People who judge others for not attending their choice of religious services, be it a church, mosque, temple or whatever; people who think they know what's right and wrong when they themselves never put that sense to practice.

I used to think I would never have patience for such people but by practical experience, I found that I did! Because too often, the people you know close enough to be self righteous idiots are the ones that you love or like or related to you in some cosmic way.

That's why I've found myself being disappointed so many times. Being preached to when I knew that the person preaching to me wasn't practicing what they had just preached.

An friend of mine, who is a friend to me no more, was once telling me how his sisters never talked to other men (typical Pathan, subcontinent's male Muslim mentality) and that he didn't like that I talked to males either. Excuse me? Are you not a man? By that definition, I shouldn't talk to you either.

Exactly that's what I did next. Too bad, when he was diagnosed with a tumor and his friends ran away, I was one of the few to come back and stand by him. I'm not saying that to say, look how great I am. It's just feelings you have for people. They just come in the way of rational thought.

Idiocy isn't just limited to personal relationships. It crosses bounds and nationalities. Your electred representatives, your pastors and mullahs, preaching not to peak into the neighbor's house do more than just peaking. Some would say, hey don't hurt kids but be found molesting them. Some politician loves his wife when he's on stage but has a mistress out there somewhere, going to bed with her when his wife is sick.

Be this way but stop this self righteous idiocy about 'I'm better than you and you're nothing because I said so and because I got into a position to say so' because I don't care anymore.

Want me to believe you? Come out of these closets, shed this idiot garb of self righteousness.

Start being human. Being human means you accept you can be wrong and there's nothing wrong with just being a plain idiot. Don't pretend.

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