Sunday, October 19, 2008


So I'm back some time after promising myself I'll post more often. Not my fault this time though, it's all thanks to the mighty mighty power company (not so mighty afterall). There's been so much loadshedding that I was afraid, I'd get my computer busted again and I can't afford to lie in bed for 2 days being ill over it.

Not that there was a chance of getting online since I changed my internet provider. Can't say there's any improvement in service and if I may say so, it's worse. I changed it just because of the siblings or rather the parents, who wanted the siblings to benefit from a faster internet connection but they can't benefit from it yet since I wasn't able to set up the network at home due to faulty wiring inside our house...

So many things that are wrong. Sigh... I wish I'd the energy to get angry.

Anyway, I've decided to sort of close down my accounts on deviantArt and post some or all of the stuff here with some new (read old, since I haven't been doing anything) stuff.

It's been a couple of years (I guess; maybe less) since I logged on over there. I think my last post was in 2005 but I can't be sure. I'm gonna head there later and take off the stuff slowly. It feels like it's going to be a bit difficult. Not the taking off or the posting it here again.

I think it reminds me how I became impotent (not fertility wise haha)... Hmm... perhaps reposting it here and the new found freedom (somewhat freer at least) from self doubt might make me gain some sort of potency (haha).

I don't know but I've never been known to be shy of trying.

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