Sunday, October 05, 2008

Terence Cuneo - Secret Mouse Man

Terence Cuneo at the Waterloo Station

I suppose this would be a fairly common angle for this photograph (though it is by no means an example of good photography).

Again, a random photograph from my trip to London last year. I didn't enjoy it much at the time (too much tension) because I was trying to make someone happy. Alas, I failed miserably (usual) as I came to know when I came back home. People make no secrets of their disappointments with me. It is in a sad state that I always find myself.

So why this random photograph? It touched me at that time because of the expression on his face, which is sweet. Like someone who doesn't think children are dumb and jokes are stupid.

I researched Cuneo and found he used to paint mice into his paintings and sometimes they used to be hidden. That oughta tell you what kind of man he was. Funny, I should say. I tried to find some examples of his paintings online but so far I haven't been successful. Maybe another night when I'm not down with flu.

P.s. there's a mouse hidden in the sculpture too but that part is not showing in my photograph.

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