Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Die Taliban Die!

So it happens what I'd been fearing for quite some time now.

This morning's newspaper had a really beautiful picture of the inter-provincial games that were being held for the past few days in my city. These games were special for this hellish city as sportswomen participated freely from all over the country. A couple of years back the radicals had banned women from participating in sports in my city (not the rest of the country)(augh!).

So this photograph showed sportswomen engaged in an excellent game of volleyball.

Even since I'd come back, I'd known and felt that things were much worse in the country overall but worst in the province and my city and it was proven when there were major scale operations in the suburbs (!). Then the terrorists blew up an electricity grid, not just once but 3 times and the same one each time. Needless to say, it was horrible but nothing sort of what happened today had happened but I think most people anticipated it in a horrible way and it was only a matter of time.

To make a statement (of fear) as well as to target innocent people (as usual), the terrorist taliban blew up a car at about 1755 hrs Pakistan time, in front of the stadium's gates where the closing ceremonies for the games were being held. It happened just as the fireworks started.

So far, it's being said that 3 people have lost their lives and as many as 10 are in the hospital with serious injuries. My prayers are with them.

I wish I could do something but all I can say (and mean) is that we're not scared. Taliban, you're not Muslims, you do not follow the religion of Islam.

If you think you're going to heaven and get your virgins or whatever, you're wrong. If you think that God is just going to just let you in, you're wrong.

You murdered many of the people's leaders (we might not agree with them but we don't murder them), you killed innocent people who were just breaking their fasts, you murdered innocents, you displaced 1000s and turned them into homeless refugees in their own country, you made the whole world think we're responsible for your crimes, you made the world make us suffer much torment, because of you, bombs were rained on innocents, you made us lose our policemen, you made us lose thousands of our army men, you made a generation of orphans and widows.

Go back to the part of hell where you came from! Go back to hell, you bloody animals! Die! Die! Die!

I never curse anyone but may hellfire rain on these "$%+@#. Die assholes! May you all have a fire in your arsenal of suicide bombs and go to hell en masse and good riddance that would be. Hope you find your demonic virgins in hell.

P.s. I'd posted this earlier but took it down because I thought I needed to cool down.

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