Sunday, November 09, 2008

Too much to Reject, Nothing to Accept

1. You have a fat neck.

2. You're too short.

3. You're not fair complexioned.

3. You can't cook that like my sister does.

4. My sister can cook everything.

5. My sister even knows how to cook xyz.

6. You have body hair but my sister doesn't.

7. You're too old.

8. Nobody knows you.

9. Nobody knows your parents.

10. You don't smell like my mother.

11. Girls like you can never be accepted by anyone.

12. Your smell stinks.

13. My parents can't accept you.

14. You're fat.

15. You're simply not like my mother.

16. You don't believe the same bullshit I do.

17. You're different.

18. I am unable to mould you to all my expectations.

19. It's not your fault; it's mine.

20. My sister is just better at everything.

21. I don't like the way you dress.

22. I'm too young.

23. I'm just a little kid.

24. Your breasts are too big.

25. Your butt is too big.

26. You're just too big.

27. You're not what I expected.

28. You just can't turn yourself into what I want you to be.

29. You're boring.

30. I can't talk to you about anything.

31. You look like a little girl.

32. You look like a man.

33. You're too much to handle.

34. You're not woman enough.

35. You're manly.

36. You're not like the women I know.

37. You're a eunuch.

38. You don't wear make up.

39. You don't think like women.

40. You're dumb.

41. You're a sinner.

42. Everything is your fault.

43. You whine all the time.

44. You're not up to my parents standards of perfection.

45. Your face is fat and ugly.

46. Your hands are too small.

47. I can't have children with a woman like you.

48. Your daughter is going to be lose like you.

49. You're a pig.

50. You're just not good enough for me.

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