Monday, November 10, 2008


I have this reminder service from Hallmark, which reminds me about holidays and birthdays (obviously).

As I just got online, I got this reminder about a birthday and it said it was xyz murgha's (murgha=rooster, just a nickname) birthday and hopefully I hadn't forgotten. Well, I couldn't have been able to if I'd tried, not that I did.

In any case, I'm beginning to hate these reminder services. What are they for anyway? Just to give you a guilt trip about things you want to forget or things you forgot. Huh!

Anyway, since there's nowhere to send a card anymore, I'm just going to send it to myself and pretend the person for whom it was intended is going to open it (am I turning into a psychonut? do I need a nutcracker?), then open it and pretend that the person is right there. I'm going to pretend that I was told that I was loved for this gesture.

Last night, I even thought that if things were like they are in a parallel universe, then I would've gotten monogrammed cuff links. Nifty, eh? But I know that last years present and card are still here and so am I.

That's what you get if you just imagine love. It's all in your head, which obviously makes you a nutter.

I've even planned a pretend birthday party. Obviously, the person's not going to show up but I'm just going to pretend they got stuck in traffic and wait.

Well, at least I'm going to be there and declare my love freshly.

Happy birthday, it's 10th November in the country of your birth.

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