Sunday, November 16, 2008

Get Your Filthy Hands Off My Desert

Or How Green Was My Valley

So I'm going to Lahore tomorrow and I think it might be for good. Last time I went there alone like this, it was also a contemplative journey but I knew I'd come back. Not so sure this time.

Before I go and God knows when I'll be back, I just wanted to comment on how things are steadily going downhill in the city where I live. The city of Peshawar. Last night, we could hear the bombs falling.

On 12th November, Stephen D. Vance and his driver were slain by terrorists. A day before that an Iranian diplomat was kidnapped just as he was leaving his house. His driver was slain in the kidnapping. On 13th, journalists were fired at by terrorists.

Terrorists. Terrorists. Terrorists.

I've had it with all this. Somedays I wish I could give them the same. Say, come get some. The civilized part of me says how can you lower yourself to their level but the human part says, why? You can't talk to animals. You may train them but they're still animals.

The powers that be don't care about these animals and what they do to us. They're off on their fancy trips to New York or Hajj in the Kingdom (oh God) of Saudi Arabia or begging for oil and money, none of which will trickle down to the stupid masses.

How am I supposed to accept that these people are Muslims (even in name) when they don't accept the basic tenet of Islam that is tolerance?

On the other hand, no amount of condemnation will bring Stephen back to his wife or children. The poor driver, his kids and wife are going to be the worst. Fucking cursed Pakistanis. We're all cursed.

If you don't shake it off yourselves, no one's coming to help you take it away. You won't help yourself though. Just sit, drink your tea with 3 spoons of sugar and tsk! tsk! about how nice it used to be.

You've left nothing for me, for my generation.

Put us on a ship and sink it.

We can't take it anymore.


Tuishimi said...

Be careful where ever you go!!!!! I wish you could grab a flight here, but I am sure the hassle of getting a visa makes it too painful to even consider. Not to mention illegal immigrants are treated better than people trying to go through the proper channels... stupid bureaucrats and their red tape.

Tuishimi said...

Whoa! I just had another online friend note me saying he was leaving his home, heading West... not sure if or when he would ever go back.

Must be something in the air. ;)

Anyway, he lives in the States; since I am in the West we might try to meet each other while he is out this way.