Monday, November 03, 2008

With Bated Breath

So November 4th is on us. Those that are in the USA and able to vote should and must vote. Though it sounds cliched and somewhat dumb but you hold the world's fate in your hands. At least I'm watching with bated breath for people to make the right decision.

Of course, some of the things that I've been reading lately are so disappointing and feel like they're coming from illiterates or people who get their news from gossip only. I know that if I lived in the USA, my dad would be voting for McCain, if Palin wasn't his running mate.

On the other hand, I know the rest of the family would be voting for Obama. The thing, though, is that many in the USA think that Obama is a communist and a Muslim and terrorist etc.

Some might say a family like ours would support him because he's a Muslims. As a Muslim (okay, not a good one), I assure you that there's no secret follower thing in Islam. You can't be a Muslim secretly. Obama is not a Muslim if he says he's not. It matters not if his father was but if he isn't then he isn't.

Most importantly, I didn't know that being a Muslim was a. a sin, b. a crime c. a slur. Also, if I'm not wrong, by the Jefforsonian edict, religion is not important and this has also been enshrined in the US constitution. I'm sure there are many other Americans who may be called pagans by some, are also voting for Obama.

The other thing is very basic and I don't understand why people who are living right there in America don't know (or don't want to?). It is that the US Secret Service does extensive background checks on candidates etc. and so does the RNC and the Democratic Party.

It's true that in the beginning of any movement, it's the charisma that attracts but as that wears off, it's the character and the substance.

I read this open letter from someone claiming to be from the red states wanting to separate from the blue states (God forbid) because they supported Obama and said that they could keep all the black people. Another one was from a business owner who is going to fire all the Obama supporters in his organization if Obama wins. (Legally, it would just put him up for suits).

I get it about communism. It's all the leftovers from the McCarthy era but I don't get the racism and the hatred. I read things like it's not about race but in the same sentence, the person would mention the color of Obama's skin or something to that effect.

I want to tell these people that you have freedom. You have freedom of speech, freedom to own, freedom to not own as well and the freedom to live and die as you want. There are many in this world, and I'm one of them to be sure, who don't have this thing called freedom.

One, don't abuse this freedom and two, don't take it for granted.

How can someone give up beautiful freedom and rights because someone's pumping them with venom? You have the most resources. Use these to build your knowledge, get information. Don't make decisions based on racist attitudes or hateful lies. In the end, USA is your country and though I know that it's not my country but I know that I've always deeply cared about it.

So wise up America and make the right choice. Make your supporters proud USA!


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